The dirtiest parts of a plane have been revealed

The dirtiest parts of a plane have been revealed

And while you might think the bathroom is inevitably number one, sorry to tell you, it’s not. While we let you digest that, turn your attention to the seat pocket – because that’s where the germs are at. Here, we count down the top five hotspots to avoid:

1. Seat pockets
Yep, every time you pop a magazine or a water bottle in there, you’re also greasing up your personal items with bacteria. Plus, consider the fact that this is where most vomit bags are stored. Ew.

2. Tray tables
Similarly to the seat pocket, the tray tables are the second dirtiest part of a plane. According to Drexel, flight attendants have reported seeing people leaving everything from used gum to used nappies on them.

3. Bathrooms
Unsurprisingly, the bathrooms rank highly in terms of germs. “With roughly one restroom per 50 passengers, they’re one of the germiest places on a plane and a breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli,” says Drexel.

4. Blankets and pillows
They might come wrapped in plastic, but make no mistake – your blankets and pillows have been used in the past by other passengers. BYO drool.

5. Touchscreen entertainment system
Imagine the person before you using the bathroom, shoving their hands in your seat pockets and then touching your entertainment screen repeatedly. Old-school books are looking good!

6. In-flight magazines
Everyone has a quick flick of these before the plane takes off. So how many people have been on your flight before you? We definitely advise bringing your own.

If, like most of us, you have to use all of the above items while flying, heed our advice and don’t ever become separated from your hand sanitiser.