Why kids should not be overexposed to technology Colombo Sri Lanka

Why kids should not be overexposed to technology

Did you know that Steve Jobs didn’t allow his kids to use the ipad and with good reason? He has gone on record to say that he had seen the dangers of technology first hand, and that he didn’t want to see that happen to his kids.

  1. Stunts rapid brain growth & ability to self-regulate Early brain-growth (0-2 years) is determined by environmental stimuli or the lack of it. Studies have shown that overexposure to technology is associated with attention deficit, impaired learning, increased impulsivity, and cognitive
  2. Delayed physical development Use of technology restricts physical movement. At an age when kids should be indulging in outdoor sports, if they are restricted to video-games and such, their physical growth is also delayed in turn impacting their academic progress.
  3. Causes obesity If children are allowed to be glued to the television, smartphones, tablets, ipads, etc, it could be correlated to obesity in the long run. Studies also associate obesity to other deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks and early strokes
  4. Leads to sleep deprivation Being hooked on to technology before bed time is said to upset sleep pattern and cause insomnia. When kids are allowed access to technology at bed time or a few hours before, they will be tempted to watch more by forgoing their sleep.
  5. Leads to agression There is a whole lot of violent media content available on connected devices. Even setting filters and parental control might sometimes prove futile. Kids may inadvertently be exposed to incidence of physical and sexual violence, shaking up their entire belief system in impressionable years. This may in turn make them aggressive and unmanageable.
  6. Causes mental illness Overuse of technology is quoted as one of the factors in rising rates of child depression, anxiety, autism, attachment disorder, bipolar disorder, etc
  7. Emits detrimental radiation The World Health Organization classifies cell phones and other connected devices as category 2B risk, i.e, carcinogenic, on account of the radiation it emits. Children especially are more sensitive to radiation which in turn leads to other ailments.
  8. Causes detachment with parents The more kids get attached to devices and artificial intelligence, the lesser they will be able to relate to real human attachments including that with their own parents.
  9. Causes early addiction Addiction to technology can be developed as early as 13 years of age making children dependent on external devices to manage their lives instead of being self-sufficient towards building a strong foundation.
  10. Unsustainable method of education Classroom education can never be replaced with merely internet education simply because it reduces the opportunity of human interaction, team work, healthy competition, all of which are proven factors in sustainable accumulation of knowledge.

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