How To Be Successful In 2017 Identify key

You don’t have to have goals in every area of your life relationships, money, career, family, etcetera; instead, focus on whatever buckets you feel most compelled to improve or change. Be specific and prioritize, as the idea is going to be to execute against these goals. Don’t forget to consider less obvious goal categories like health and charity/volunteerism. If you aren’t sure what your goals are for the new year, consider creating a vision board, either IRL or on Pinterest. Make sure that at least one of the big ticket items on this list is something that terrifies you if you accomplish little else in 2017, doing this one thing will make you feel like the year mattered.

How To Be Successful In 2017 breakdown goals

Aiming to save up to buy a house is a great goal; however, it’s also overwhelming and vague. Figure out what smaller goals could feed into this goal in this example, it would be to pay off your credit card debt or take on a side hustle that will bring in a certain amount of extra income each month.

How To Be Successful In 2017 small goals

Set actual, regular appointments into your calendar to keep you on track. If your goal is relationship-based e.g. meeting someone new set regular date appointments into your calendar and Bumble your way into them. These calendar appointments will keep you accountable as the year’s many demands threaten to overwhelm your resolutions.

How To Be Successful In 2017 Evaluate

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results, we think it’s wise to start the new year by identifying what didn’t work for you in 2016 so you can avoid it in 2017. Did a specific friendship cause you innumerable headaches? Cut it. Can you see an unhealthy pattern in your dating life? Resolve to change it. Did you complain about your job daily? It’s time to find a new one. Even looking at smaller things, like a resolution to go to the gym every day that didn’t work out, are worth evaluating maybe this year, your goal is instead to find a class you like, trying one new workout per week until you’ve settled on something that actually incentivizes you towards physical activity.

How To Be Successful In 2017 picture one person

Let’s face it hard work is, well, hard work. It can be difficult to motivate ourselves to go above and beyond our mandatory workload to achieve our bigger life goals. This is why it can be helpful, childish though it may seem, to identify one person you feel (justly or not) doesn’t believe in you. Having this person in mind will be helpful on days you don’t feel like motivating you can call up their naysaying as the fuel to your fire

How To Be Successful In 2017 networking list

Whether you’re interested in quietly pursuing a different career path or would like to keep advancing in your current field, investing in your network is critical. Make a plan in January to meet with a certain number of individuals each month of the year who could help, advise or inspire your 2017 path. Reach out and schedule an initial round of meetings, and set reminders each month to set the following month’s touch bases.

How To Be Successful In 2017 wakeup one hour earlier

For whatever reason, we often have the fortitude to follow through on big, hard changes like this in January more so than in any other month. Resolve to wake up an hour earlier starting January 2nd to set the tone for the rest of the year. Then, use that found hour towards your goals, to workout or even just to meditate. The new habit may not stick throughout the entire year, but you also may be surprised at how much better the extra hour makes you feel, and wonder how you ever survived without it.