How to set up a business in Dubai UAE mainland or Dubai Freezone

How to set up a business in the Dubai

How to set up a business in the Dubai

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Firstly, there are certain key questions to ask from the outset and these answers will dictate the best method of setting up a company in Dubai, UAE:

  • What is your activity and where are your target market?
  • Do you need a physical presence, are you selling products or services?
  • Do you want access to Government Companies or Oil and Gas?

Should I set up in a Free Zone?

The Free Zone vs Onshore question is a key issue that new companies in the UAE often deliberate.

The Free Zones are a very popular route to market for many foreign companies wanting to operate in the UAE (there are circa 40 Free Zones throughout the Emirates). These dedicated areas offer a foreign company 100% ownership and the set-up costs are often cheaper in the early stages. However, Free Zone companies can only operate within that Free Zone, and they cannot legally trade with Onshore companies or government entities.

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